Betty's Garden

Betty's Garden is a living memorial to honor former First Lady Betty Vandiver.  This garden will showcase Georgia native plants that support the life cycles of monarch butterflies and pollinators. Betty's Garden serves as an outdoor learning lab for students, their families and the community to learn about these insects, which are the foundation of a healthy environment. 

Betty's Garden's collaborative partnership with State Botanical Garden of Georgia and  Connect to Protect, will assist with community monarch-pollinator habitats. Learn why we need to Connect to Protect populations of monarchs and  pollinators across our landscapes. 

Many thanks to Scout Troop 51 , Agriculture students and LES staff for planting pollinator trees and shrubs alongside the fence in Betty's Garden.

These plants will bloom in the spring and provide nectar and pollen to monarchs and other native pollinators. And, during the fall and winter the plants will produce much needed food, berries for birds.

A big shout out to our great student leaders for unloading the pollinator plants!

Check out these sites and let us know how you would like to be a part of this exciting venture!

Our state butterfly, Tiger Swallowtail

Coach Boyd Outz Memorial Maple Tree

Betty's Garden is a Monarch Way Station providing nectar and milkweed, the only plant where a monarch will lay an egg, during the spring and fall migrations.

Sunflower project

Sunflowers are loved by bees, butterflies and beetles. Birds love the seeds.